We are a group of professionals in the improvement and rehabilitation of urban neighborhoods and other areas. Amongst others we use the safest best practices to demolish old or run-down buildings. This goes along with Reducing, Reusing, and Recycling Construction and Demolition (C&D) Materials with every necessary environmental consideration. Below are few urban renewal projects in the capital city of Cameroon which have been executed by BUNS Company.

Ref Urban renewal projects in Cameroon Length(km) Amount. Taxe
free(billion FCFA)
Project Status
1 Construction Of Street Networks In The Neighborhoods
Of Efouland & Ekounou In Yaoundé
5.4 2.8 completed
2 Dense Bituminous Pavement Works From the
MEEC road junction to the Nkolbisson Junction in Yaoundé
5 0.4 completed
3 Construction Of Street Networks In the Neighborhoods of Yaoundé
Fanta citron - Cornillet, MRS - Caveaux
1.2 1.2 completed
4 The MEEC junction – Etoug Ebe junction, Yaoundé Completed
5 Construction of the Emombo-Nkomo road 2 Completed
6 Zoatélé-Nkolyop 25 16 Completed
7 The Acropole-Siantou road in Yaounde 2 1.2 Completed
8 The Kondengui road (urban planing road construction
at Carossel-prison Kondengui Yaounde)
1.3 1.2 Completed
9 Deido Bassa road (rehabilitation works on the Deido
Bassa Road in Douala)
6.7 Completed
9 Biyem-Assi ( Biyem Assi avenue road
construction Yaounde)
1.5 Completed